Teknik Detay



  • Compact all-in-one dual MP3/CD player with mixer and iPod dock
  • Fast setup and teardown, perfect for mobile DJs and backup systems
  • Anti-Shock™ buffered skip-protection technology
  • LCD display for excellent visibility in different lighting environments
  • Housed in a metal chassis for rugged, reliable performance
  • Multifunction jog/shuttle wheels for search and pitch bend
  • Seamless loops on both decks for creative performance
  • Beat match with ±16% pitch control
  • Single and continuous playback
  • Fader Start automatically starts playback when you move the crossfader
  • Three-channel mixer with additional iPod and mic channels, replaceable crossfader, and PFL cueing
  • RCA inputs for connecting additional CD players, iPods, or turntables with preamps


  • CDMIX 3 DJ System
  • Stereo RCA Audio Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Quickstart Guide

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TaksitTaksit TutarıToplamAçıklama
22.058,58 TL4.117,15 TL
31.349,57 TL4.048,71 TL
41.013,68 TL4.054,71 TL
5842,40 TL4.212,02 TL
6693,46 TL4.160,78 TL
7610,69 TL4.274,86 TL
8538,31 TL4.306,48 TL
9466,76 TL4.200,81 TL
TaksitTaksit TutarıToplamAçıklama
9449,19 TL4.042,70 TL
22.021,35 TL4.042,70 TL
31.347,57 TL4.042,70 TL
41.010,68 TL4.042,70 TL
5808,54 TL4.042,70 TL
6673,78 TL4.042,70 TL
7577,53 TL4.042,70 TL
8505,34 TL4.042,70 TL